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Human resources

TransAndalus is a dynamic and multidisciplinary company that enables the worker to develop professionally and personally. We believe in the importance of every person who works with us and we stimulate him to take active part in the company’s growth.

All of our employees feel safe, values and appreciated for their work and for who they are. As the grow, they take increasing and more individual responsibility.

Being a private company we grant a great deal of importance to the sense of family and we try to forge long-term relationships with our employees. The social responsibility is a key element to our success.


TransAndalus is open to the incorporation of new values enable us to continue growing each day in the transport sector. For this reason, if you think that you suit yourself to some of the following profiles, and you want to join us, please send your CV ans we shall contact you.

Area Manager

The area manager is the liaison between our clients and the company in a particular area. Among its responsibilities are extending the client portfolio and maintaining an ongoing relationship with them.

We seek people with a gift of people, a good education and a deep knowledge of the transport sector. Proficiency in a foreign language (German, Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, Portuguese…) is indispensable, in addition to English and Spanish.

Transport agent

The transport agent is the heart of the company. We want everyone who works with us to be a talented professional, with a high level of initiative, a reflection of what we are, someone we can trust. We are looking for an ordained and responsible person. Its role is to meet customer requirements and to ensure that the shipments will be done safety and on time, accomplishing the client expectations and following our


The driver is the base element on which to build the company. He not only carries out the transportation of our clients but also guard its integrity, guarantee its safety and ensures that the merchandise will always arrive on time to the destination point.

If you are a Dependable Carrier and/or Owner Operator and want year round consistent freight to haul consider joining our team. Leave us your information and we will reply to you.


As the company grows, we may need to incorporate new staff into the Department of Administration. If you are interesting in starting a professional career of the future and with security, if you speak other languages other than Spanish, please send us your CV.As soon as we have any vacant post, we shall communicate you.


Area manager

We are looking for managers to attend German and French Market.
It is essential to speak some of these languages and demonstrate working experience in a comparable position.

Send curriculum

National Shipping Agent

We are looking for shipping agent for national traffic able to manage a fleet of 12-15 vehicles/day.
It does not require a good level of English proficiency, but it would be desirable.
The experience of at least 2 years in the transport sector is absolutely essential.

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International Shipping Agent

This position requires highly qualified workers with solid experience in that sector.
Diverse language skills, other than English (German, French, Italian, Portugues, etc…) are mandatory.

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